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Everyone´s an Activist

participatory art project for Les Marolles

Patrik Qvist with ifa laboratories

Everyone´s an Activist is a participatory art project that explores feelings and opinions about

climate change and environmental issues. The aim of the project is to spark dialogue about

environmental issues in the demographically and culturally diverse neighborhood of Les Marolles

and to bring people from different walks of life together.

Everyone´s an Activist consists of three interlinked parts:

– a nomadic photo studio set up in a number of different locations in the Les Marolles area

– an exhibition with portraits of the participating audiences from the different locations

– a digital platform documenting the project in progress and in its final stage

In the first part, the audience is asked to consider five statements about climate change and

the environment. The statements have been formulated to reflect a spectrum between radical

environmental activism to an attitude of maintaining business as usual. Each participant chooses a

statement that reflects his / her opinion and is then given

a cardboard sign with slogans such as:

“Looking For A New Story” ,“ Radical Change Now!” and “No Eggs, No Omelette”.

Then we take a portrait of the participant in an old fashioned photo studio setup with a large backdrop

of a landscape. Two photos are printed out on the spot. One is given to the participant and one is kept

for the upcoming exhibition. The image also becomes part of the continuously updated website, where

the progress of the project is recorded.

The exhibition will be held in the gallery space of ifa laboratories


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