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Installation views, Hangmen Projects Oct 2018

Bare bones building
Building for an unhappy girl, 2018
Wood, tar paper, pallet 
approx 260 cm height, 120 cm deep , 80 cm wide
I came across this old playhouse in a suburban garden of Stockholm. It had been advertised as free materials in the classifieds- the owners wanted to get rid of the building . Turns out it was built in the 1950's for a little girl who, I dunno, was ill or something- there were rumours of an ill-fated life and I suppose the present owners wanted to rid themselves of those memories. Beautifully built it made for a good object to cut into the smallest pieces possible while retaining a semblance of structure. Loose all the excessive material as it were. 
The house became a sculpture in a series of objects - ladder, chair, pallet where all excessive material has been taken away.

wood sculpture installed with adveritisng poster
Wooden chair turned into skeletal sculpture on view at NorART exhibition 2017.
wood ladder reworked to skeletal structure on view in SPG Gallery 2013.

Ghost pallet, 2018
wood and advertising poster, 117 X 175 cm
Installation view, SKF, Stockholm 2018

Ghost chair, 2017
wood, approx 80 x 50 x 60 cm
installation view, NorART 2017

End of democracy, 2013
wood and steel hardware
approx 170 cm x 70cm x 60 cm 
installation view, SPG Gallery 2013

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