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Sea /Solastalgia/Heave is an artistic response to the rising sea levels. The seas will rise an estimated 100 cm by the year 2100- and this is a best case scenario; not accounting for extreme weather conditions, storms and high tides. How does this affect human settlements along the shore? And what can be done? Not doing anything is not an option.
Sea / Solastalgia / Heave is a series of attempts at poetically engineering the sea/ land levels. 
The first series of actions and performances were executed at a residency withBjörkö Konstnod in November 2021. Björkö is an island on the Baltic coast two hours north of Stockholm. This particular stretch of landmass is still bouncing back in a post-glacial rebound - the land is in effect rising by approximately 4-5mm / year. This rise is counteracting the rising sea levels at present.

Heave / Hav performance in 2 acts
documentation from participatory performance at BKN, Nov 29th 2021. The audience was asked to sound the letters in "HE(A)VE"in any combination.


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