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 HeAVe is a series of performances and actions that deal with rising sea levels. The project was initiated at a residency in Stockholm´s northern archipelago at Björkö Konstnod (BKN) in November 2021.

HeAVe explores avenues of performative action to address our relationship with the sea. The effects of extreme weather and climate change are often discussed in terms of technical solutions to economic and practical consequences. HeAVe is a proposal for poetic engineering with an emotional perspective as the basis for a dialogue about our interaction with the sea and coastlines.

A starting point for the project is SDG (Sustainable development goal) # 13 which reads:

“Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts”

and Joseph Beuy's call to “poetically suggest the healing potential of art”.

The possibility to highlight an event through an artistic representation and create a narrative to better understand the challenge of climate change lies in the zone between the militantly exhorting and the poetically suggestive.

When I make a performance where I try to raise the shoreline to save it from rising water, I make no difference on a geological / hydrological level. I push down at the water in the conviction that we need another perspective on a problem that currently relies on an excessive faith in technological solutions.





The north-south line

part of the exhibition Havet som, omger oss arranged by Stockholms läns  bygdegårdsdistrikt May-Aug 2022. Installations and performances at Landsort, Rögrund, Möja, Fejan, Gisslingö and Arholma. Curator: Anna-Viola Hallberg

Oxygenation / bladderwrack
performance at Öja / Landsort June 20th 2022

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