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Strategies for dealing with a world forever on the verge of collapse

It ́s not the end of the world– it just feels that way.

The dented horizon– looking out at an uncertain tomorrow.

I make a few rules for myself to follow.

I try to stick to them.

I set up a situation in one place as a mirror to an event in another time and place.

I attempt to reach an emotional understanding through physical effort.

In the action/ performance/ video pieces entitled “Attempt at...” I give myself a simple task- to reach safety on a distant shore, to establish shelter on top of a hill and to transverse a beach of contaminated sand without touching the ground. The nature of the task at hand relies on information about conditions of environmental distress on the site. The action performed in the landscape is intended as a way to explore how it all affects me and to establish a personal connection to the site; to the landscape and the terrain. The physically challenging nature of the attempts serve as a preparation for meditation on events that I find difficult to comprehend on a purely intellectual level.

all photo / video © Patrik Qvist unless otherwise stated

Attempt at monument, second take with measuring stick, 2011

Frihamnen, Stockholm

single channel HD video 25:00


Attempt at not-to-touch – the -ground, 2011

Fårö, Sweden

HD video, single channel 25:00


Attempt with raft 2011

Gnesta Konsthall

single channel video

foto Niclas Zander

Attempt at Brite Ranch 2012

Marfa, Texas, USA

 single channel HD video 22:00


Attempt at fields, 2012

Sundom, Söderfjärden and Replot, Finland ,

3 screen loop single channel HD video 09:03


Attempt at going to work 2013

Brändö, Vasa Finland

3 screen loop single channel HD video 6:02


Attempt at Replot Island / carbon rites 2013

Replot, Österbotten, Finland

single channel HD video 25:00


Attempt at Good Friday. 2014

Djurgården , Stockholm

single channel video 08: 30


Attempt at the holidays / Walpurgis 2014-15

Stockholm, Sweden

single channel HD video 7:28


Attempt at lime return, 2015

Bungenäs, Gotland, Sweden

unedited documentation raw format


Attempt at alphabet, 2015

Vaasa, Finland

single channel HD video 00:36


Attempt at ladder walk 2015

vernal equinox, Sveavägen

Stockholm, Sweden

single channel HD video 22:53

foto: AKAY


Attempt at going back to work  2015

Värtahamnen, Stockholm

single channel HD video 12:25


Attempt at alignment, 2016

Fire Island, NY, USA

single channel video 00:60


Attempt at world´s oldest tree 2016

Fulufjället, Sweden

single channel video animation loop, 36 s


Attempt at landscape painter 2017

Guincho beach, Portugal

HD video 1:18

foto:Sasha Qvist


Attempt at ambition 2020

Sund, Sweden

single channel HD video 12:25

foto:Karin Arnberg

Attempt at
actions and performances 2011- present


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